After I prayed for God to use me like a microphone so that His voice would carry to other people’s hearts, I started to hear in my mind people singing “Melodies from Heaven.” And when they reached the part where they sing “rain down on me”, I heard a voice say, “I’m going to rain down my blessings on you.” (Gianne Harper)



From A Spiritual Perspective

Put away childish things and know that you are called to walk in the realm of the Spirit.  See everything from a spiritual perspective. Come up hither and I will show you things to come and what it all means.

(Read John 3:4-6)

Inside of You

Thank you Jesus for so great a love revealed to us through your willing death so that you could rise up with us inside of you.  Unlike Adam who had something taken out of him that continued to live on the outside of his life (or outside the camp Рthat leads to death), you had something (us) placed inside of you where life could continue eternally, and fellowship and intimacy could be an ongoing continual thing.

(Read John 3:14-16)


Isn’t it amazing how we always have a question when we perceive that someone is a Prophet? However, sometimes the answer adds more lack of understanding than what we had before. The key is to let the Prophet reveal his/her assignment or message, which will reveal the heart of God and what He wants you to know concerning Himself for that particular time.

Wait, and He will tell you what you need to know before the conversation has ended and the visit is over. The LORD knows what you have need of before you ask. The fact that He’s with you means all is well. He is the source of life, health, strength and soundness of mind. Amen!

(Read John 4:19-21)