What We Regard Is What We Get

“He who gives to the poor lendeth to GOD.” “I will not offer unto GOD that which cost me nothing.” Offer unto GOD acceptable offerings. “Will a man rob GOD?”

Will you offer unto GOD that which cost you nothing?  I want your best — not your discarded, in need of repair, ruined, stained, spotted or wrinkled.

You seek to walk in the highest of my anointing.  Therefore, offer me that which cost you something.  Demonstrate your sincere desire to come up to the place in me where my anointing flows.  You desire much from me at no cost or sacrifice to yourself.  But, if you truly desire me, you are willing to commit the best of your possessions to me for my use and purposes.  Be not deceived, what a man sows is what he reaps.  GOD is not mocked.

Will a man rob GOD?  Offer unto me your whole, well husband, not when he’s sick, but in health.  You offer unto me your children when they are in trouble, but not when they are well; your finances when they are in shambles, not when they are flowing; your friends when they have disappointed, not when they are in good relation; your time when it is taken up in things you desire not, not when it’s in leisure to be of use to me; your possessions when they are ragged and used up, not when they are new and usable.

I want an acceptable offering of your very best, that I may give it away to those I desire to shower it upon.  Those who hold back from me in this request have no real desire to know me or to flow in my purposes.

Offer that which cost you something; that which is difficult to part with; costly and highly prized in your sight; that which has significance and meaning to you; that which is keeping you chained to this world; that which others would desire to possess if given the opportunity.

Either you will trust me with your best or you will trust me with nothing.  I am Holy and seek to possess Holy and pure vessels for my glory to be poured out upon. This is your opportunity to offer that which will be a sweet-smelling savor unto me.

Walk in the light while the light is still with you, that your life may be a reflection of all that is good and perfect in the world.  Give unto me the best of all your possessions, even as I have given you the very best of all my possessions that you may profit thereby. I have spoken.  Either you will honor my words through obedience or harden yourself against me through disobedience.

Watch and pray, for I come quickly with my reward in my hand.  I am Alpha and Omega; the Beginning, the End; the First and Last.  Amen

As we begin with our least — material possessions — the offering of ourselves and our families is made more real; for if it’s impossible to give up the least, how will you truly and sincerely offer GOD your best?  Impossible.

Hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church.  GOD seeks to possess us, not destroy us (Abraham’s offering of Isaac).

Proverbs 19:17; 2 Samuel 24:24; Malachi 3:8

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