Over And Above Kindess

2 Samuel 9:1-13 –

The story started with David looking for someone to favor, but the story did not start there. The story actually started when God remembered Mephibosheth and decided to favor him:

  • God remembered Rachael in Genesis 30:22 after many years of barrenness.
  • When God remembers someone, He begins immediately to move. Things begin to happen that nobody can stop. This was what led to the question that David asked in verse 1.

Prayer– Father, remember me this year as you remembered Mephibosheth and as you remembered Rachael. 

God moved the heart of a king to seek for someone that he will show kindness to:

  • Proverbs 21:1 – The heart of kings are in the hands of the Lord….
  • Isaiah 45:1-5 – God moved the heart of an unbelieving king just because of His children – Israel.
  • When God remembers, there is no one that is too big for Him to use in order to achieve His purpose.

Prayer– God will touch the heart of men (kings; presidents; governors) to favor (show kindness to) me this new year.

God strategically located Ziba, who has the information the king is looking for, near to the king:

  • It is not by accident that Ziba knew of Mephibosheth and certainly not by accident that Ziba was within reach of king David.
  • Even if your (would-be) benefactor does not know you directly, God will provide someone who will act as a bridge between you and your benefactor. You may not have met at all, it does not matter as far as the God of heaven and earth; the Controller of the entire universe is concerned.

Prayer – Father, dispatch your ministering angels to begin to influence people, events and situations to come to my assistance/to favor me.

Mephibosheth was in Lo-debar. Lo-debar means no pasture, no word, and no communication. It is a place of desolation, isolation and separation:

  • But Mephibosheth was a prince; his grandfather was the first king of Israel. He was crippled as a toddler and he was banished to a forgotten land. This shows how hopeless his case was. He called himself “a dead dog.”
  • It does not matter how terrible your situation is or how grievous the enemy has battered you. When God remembers you, He will pick you up and He will elevate you – beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Psalm 113:7-8 – He raiseth up the poor from the dunghill… and set them up among the princes of the people. This is God’s specialty. One minute you are a forgotten man and the next minute, you are celebrated.

Prayer – Father, in this New Year (2016) lift me up beyond my expectations. I am tired of the valley; take me to the very top.

King David told Mephibosheth that he will restore to him all the properties of his father and grandfather and that he will henceforth eat at the king’s table:

  • Also, Ziba and all his sons (15) and servants (20) are to serve Mephibosheth and till the ground for him.
  • This is over and above kindness.
  • Why? It would have been a big deal just for David to spare the life of Mephibosheth and to bring him to the palace just for sight-seeing alone. However, all his grandfather’s possessions were given to him and he will eat with the king. He got more than he would have expected from the king.

Prayer– Everything that belongs to you that you have been denied (at work; in your family) will be restored to you this year IJN (In Jesus Name).

Prayer- Everything that the enemy has stolen from you that he has swallowed down, he will vomit them ALL this year IJN. God Almighty will cast them out of his belly– Job 20:15.

David asks, “Is there yet any that is left of the house of Saul, that I may show him kindness…?” (verse 1.) That is very remarkable!

  • Considering the fact that Saul was David’s sworn enemy when he was alive. Several times Saul tried to kill David. Yet, David turned around and says, “My heart is full of benevolence.”
  • Is there yet any left of the house of my sworn enemy? Is there left any descendant of the man who hunted me, and sought me that he might slay me, and thrice threw javelins at me?
  • He didn’t say is there left any that — I may wreak my vengeance upon him? Beautiful!!

Prayer – Father, this year touch my heart. Any un-forgiveness; wickedness or bitterness that may be hiding in my heart, Father please chase them out. Give me a new heart (of forgiveness; of love; of compassion; kindness).

In verse 3, David mentioned “the kindness of God.” “What is this kindness of God?”

  • Do you know it? Have you tasted it? Is there anyone here … who is still a stranger to this kindness of God?
  • Perhaps, there is someone … here … asking … “What is this kindness of God?

o   It is about salvation,

o   It is about eternal life,

o   It is about knowing God as your Father,

o   It is also about knowing the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior,

o  The real kindness and love of God is in the giving of His one and only begotten Son to die for you and I on the Cross.

  • Is there anyone here … who would like to have a taste of this wonderful, beautiful kindness?

Prayer – Prayer of salvation.

(Message by Pastor Biodun Bada, PhD)



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