Fresh Fire

This is the hour that I am sending my chosen vessels forward to spread my love to a hungry mass of people hoping for that which is real and true.

Go in my Name and reach out to my people who sit in gross darkness, waiting for the light that’s from above to appear unto them. You are that light and I will light you with a fresh fire from on high that you may glow brightly for men to see.

I have called you out that I might take you into a higher dimension of my glory and power. Use the gifts I have given you to set my people free. Break every band of wickedness, destroy every heavy yoke and deliver my people.

I am with you and will fight for you. Use my wisdom and it shall prevail over every lie of the enemy. Go forth now as a conquering lion subduing the strongholds of the wicked one.

This ministry is especially called forth to gather my elect and to strengthen my bride. So go forth in all boldness, fully anointed and equipped to withstand and conquer the enemy.

Don’t be afraid, for I have gone before you and cleared the way. The path has been made plain that you may walk with all confidence and boldness.

I have given you all power and authority to do my will. Therefore, go forth and do the work I have set before you – even the work of an Evangelist – spreading my Word until righteousness and truth covers the earth.

Stand boldly and confidently in Me, for I am on your side. Your Ishi and friend, Jesus.


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