A Gold Mine

I am a Gold Mine inside of you.

Full of Wisdom and all Understanding inside of you.

Tap into My Wisdom inside of you.



The LORD is positioning His people where they belong.  A few – remnant – set aside, sitting them down at the table – feasting and eating. Heart overflowing with joy of the LORD. God speaking words to them, imparting mysteries, things to come. Preparing, placing the Word in them. Word will flow out of them into empty vessels.

GOD sending forth his Word throughout the world to set people free. People will be set free by the very Word of GOD. “Just speak my Word and watch deliverance and healing come.”

Getting His elect in place; preparing them and putting them in place. They shall not be moved out of their place; will not be shaken nor moved; steadfast where GOD has placed them.

His people moving too fast, going to and fro. GOD putting an anchor to keep them still; only lifting when GOD’s ready to move them, so they won’t miss what GOD is about to do. Going to miss it if we’re moving too fast. Move after GOD moves.

See manifestation of His Glory – goodness of GOD. Begin in Church – see who He truly is, a loving Father, a good GOD, so patient.

“I’m holding back the time because my people are not ready.” – To get us in position. Church almost there- will see that great giant awaken.

Orchestra – symphony.


Truth is not something that is relative to just one situation and then change to fit another situation. Truth is constant, never changing.

Having a working knowledge of what Truth really is, and how to walk in the Truth, will help to make the right decision in your life.

Bobby Lee Miller


My words are slick, swift, and quick

They will tear you down before you lick

The food off your plate, breathe some air or even anticipate.

My words are quick, sick, and oh more thick

Than the arctic ice that floats,

But when it comes to choosing words

It’s easier to just come out the throat

Rather than thinking twice to see if it’s right for the moment or the time.

As in right now when my main goal is just to make these words rhyme

Without reason or thought I write this poem

Like the energizer bunny I just keep going.

Be careful what you do to me

Because my words are more deadly

Than a silver bullet in a gun

Because you can dodge a bullet but my words you can’t out run.

Be you Usain or insane you’re in range

To get your feelings broke

Forget what you heard,

Words are the number 1 killer

Take more lives than strokes.

People use them vicariously, precariously, unwillingly, uncaringly

Sending people to early graves

It seems like word killing is the hottest rage.

John R.A. Harper

 Ephesians 4:29
Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

Ready and Willing?

Are you ready to go where I send you and your wife? Are you willing to go and do what I tell you to do? Once it has been revealed to you, would you be willing to do it?

I will do LORD what you want us to do once we know it is you LORD. For you have done so much for us.

Teach me thy way, O LORD; I will walk in thy truth: unite my heart to fear thy name. (Psalm 86:11 KJV)

Bobby Lee Miller

Be Fruitful and Multiply

Exodus 1

Whether in the land of freedom or slavery, the LORD makes it possible for man to obey the original command of GOD to be fruitful and multiply.

GOD never issues a command without giving the subsequent or necessary conditions to obey it. Even in the midst of adversity, the commands of GOD can be fulfilled.

The Spiritual Realm is Real

The spiritual realm is a real unseen existence, alive and active.

There is a war going on; Satan -the devil- and his demonic spirits (evil) against GOD and his angels, and praying Saints (good).

This war is for the possession of your soul (mind, will and emotions) and to dominate the unredeemed spirit of that person.

The devil gives people excuses and reasons to believe GOD does not exist or that He is far off.

The devil is also trying to persuade people into thinking they don’t need GOD or that He is a weak GOD.

The devil does not want you to know that GOD is loving, kind, merciful, forgiving and the only True and Living GOD.

Bobby Lee Miller