So (Honest)

So, there I am at home waiting in the presence of the LORD. In my flesh, I want to do a lot of things; but I want to please the LORD so that this life I now live will make a difference. So Lord, here I am to worship, praise, thank you, confess my sin and be open to You this day for what You want to do in me. I allow your Spirit to do what needs to be done.

The thoughts that came to me:

  • Why is God allowing me to live each day?
  • Am I closer to Him today than I was yesterday?
  • Or, am I doing the same old thing day after day and not allowing the Spirit of God to change me?
  • Do I know that there is a war going on for my soul?
  • Or, do I get far from you Lord?

Please help me to live the life You’ve given me as if I am going to die in the next hour to see You, and be able to give an account for the life You have given me.

Bobby Lee Miller

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