I find Myself to be like the Front of the page –

Always wondering what’s written on the Back!

John R.A. Harper

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The Desire of My Heart

May I live my life in service to You.

May my every moment be soaked in adoration of You.

LORD, I want to love You more than my life;

I want to desire You more deeply than sleep.

Wake me up GOD!

May my eyes see Your Glory on this side of the great chasm.

Your Favor has been on me long before I knew You.

You have kept me safe at Your Side when I was ignorant.

Your Mercy has permeated my entire life.

GOD You Are Awesome.

John R.A. Harper

Walk Confidently!

It is well!

Trust and believe that all things are now working together for your good.

Don’t be discouraged. I have gone before you to prepare the way, the truth and the life that I have for you and your household.

Stay focused on things eternal. Set your affection on things above, where your true home is.

Let your light so shine before men and glorify Me in your body. Walk circumspect and upright before Me as a vessel of honor, purged from every evil work.

Stay true to the call wherewith I have called you. Don’t come down from building a wall of protection around My people. Endure hardship like a good soldier, and keep looking to Me for direction and instruction.

Walk as ones who know their GOD and are strong in the power of His might.

You are a blessing to the Body of Christ – don’t ever doubt it.

Let your conversation be full of faith and confidence in Me. Look up and live!

Your life is full of meaning and purpose, fruitfulness, joy and gladness. Trust and never doubt that I am working all things together for your good.

Have great confidence in My love and ability to bring it to pass – whatsoever I have said and promised.

A Now Word

The LORD is turning the tide.

You will have a Word for those coming into your presence instead of seeking a Word from them.

You have faithfully received the Word of others.

You have a harvest to get.

You shall be received. The Words you speak shall be as honey to the hearer.

You shall have an accurate Word of knowledge that will propel the will of GOD and activate the anointing to empower and deliver the burdened soul from its captivity.

This shall even be today.

So swift and sudden shall the transition be in your life.

Stay focused and watch GOD move on your behalf to accomplish all that He has purposed in His own counsel.

Amen and Amen.

Youth-in-Christ ~

The Bible talks about a “generation that seeks the LORD” in Psalm 24:6.

I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about it, but GOD wants you to be the generation this scripture is talking about.

There are so many things in life that we look for:

  • friendship
  • acceptance
  • respect
  • love
  • security
  • status and so much more.

Think about what you’re looking and hoping for in your life at this moment.

Now ask yourself: “What will I have once I’ve gotten all of those things?”

A lot of times we think that we’re finally going to be happy, finally going to be stronger, or smarter, more successful, or more desired.

“If only I had ___ , so-and-so would like me”… “If only I was more ___, I could be happy.”

If you choose to live life like that, you will constantly be disappointed.

Because eventually, you will find out that no matter how much money, how many friends, who likes or doesn’t like you, or how successful you are — it still won’t fulfill you inside.

But Guess What?

Nothing on this earth is supposed to. Only GOD can give you true satisfaction in your soul!

So What Now?

Well, we’re glad you are here, because you’re going to learn the answer to that question.


He truly and deeply cares about everything that’s going on in your life.

If you are tired of searching and looking for stuff that can’t help you, it’s now time to look at GOD.

But Check This Out …

The Bible says that if you will seek Him, you will find Me, when you search for Me with your whole heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13)

We truly believe that GOD brought you to the “Oil of Joy” blog today for you to start seeking Him.

Let’s Go!!

 Gianne V. Harper

“New Wine”

John 2:8-10 –

Jesus is the final revelation of GOD.

He has been sent to bring JOY and GLADNESS as He restores our relationship back to the Father.

Jesus is being poured out as a drink offering for the Salvation of many.

Receive Him TODAY and be gladdened!