Do The Work!

1 Samuel 17 –

GOD will take the foolish things of the world to bring down the haughty and conceited.

He will reveal Himself through the seemingly weakest of men, who are really strong because of the Anointing (the presence of GOD) on their lives.

Be bold and very courageous.

The LORD, your GOD is with you and in you to do the work!




Acts 2 –

Two of the definitions for FIT are:

  1. To put with precise placement or adjustment;
  2. To be the right size or shape for.

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The Body of Christ has been made with precision.

I used to think I was a hand or foot in the Body. However, once I realized how massively immense the Body is, I understood that I am a cell.

Do you know how uniquely designed each cell is?

The cells in your eyes are not the same as the cells in your pancreas. Though they have the same DNA, they don’t perform the same function.

The Holy Spirit conforms and adjusts us so that we follow closely the contours and shape of His Word and character.

The “big picture” that we are to look at is Christ.

Other synonyms and definitions for FIT don’t just deal with our makeup and position, but our empowerment:

  • qualified
  • prepared
  • suited
  • conformed
  • competent
  • productive.

We are none of these things apart from having the Holy Spirit active and in control inside of us.

Peter’s ministry happened not because of Peter or his own eloquence, but because God qualified, prepared and placed him with precision where he needed to be, and with whom he needed to be with.

“The 1st miracle of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost was uniting people beyond their human division.”

Gianne V. Harper

Maintain Your Position

Just as Jesus bore the cross to become a gazing stock for sin, take your position as a gazing stock for healing, deliverance and salvation.

People looked upon Jesus and railed against Him because of sin.

The cross you carry is for salvation.

Because of the righteousness of Christ that rests on you, people will look upon you and receive salvation, healing and deliverance.

Peter and John had the paralytic to gaze upon them to receive healing and deliverance.

The pole that was lifted up in the wilderness was for salvation, deliverance and healing to all who gazed upon it.

Jesus had someone to help carry the cross.

You also have someone to help carry the cross, to remind you to keep and stay in the position I have called you to maintain.

I have positioned you. Don’t be moved away from your original intent regardless.

Certain people have summoned you many times to take your position.  You did not heed the call.  So now you know they are for you, and not against you.

Be of good cheer, for this is a good work.

I am giving you what you asked of me – a deliverance ministry – just not the way you thought.

Let them gaze! Let them see you without having to strain their necks.

Even so as an Intercessor, let them gaze upon you and see my deliverance, healing and salvation.

It is well and finished!

Almighty Teacher

Exodus 15:3 – The LORD is a man of war; the LORD is his name.

Bobby, you must know that GOD is the source of all your Victories and Breakthroughs!

He is the source of our wisdom and strategies.

His Word is the source of our understanding of the warfare in which we are involved.

Bobby, you must “be strong in the LORD and in the power of His might.” (Ephesians 6:10)

The Word of God is the Sword of the Spirit. A Sword is used in war.

The LORD will teach you how to use it against the spiritual enemies of your soul.

Bobby, you must walk in His strength.

Bobby, there must be total dependence upon GOD.

Bobby, He will fight your battles. He will also teach you how to war.

Bobby, you must depend on Him. GOD will teach you how to war by His Word.

GOD must be your power source. You must confess that the LORD is your strength.

Bobby, you have to connect with GOD, who is the greatest warrior.

Bobby, Prayer is how you are to connect with GOD, to allow His power to flow to you in any situation.

Bobby Lee Miller, Sr.





Our Wisdom Source

The Word of God is our source of Wisdom.

We operate in God’s Wisdom to defeat the powers of hell.

Confessing the Word of God is an important part of every Believer’s spiritual life.

Salvation comes from confessing with the mouth.

The mouth connects with the heart.

God’s Word released from your mouth will be planted in your heart.

Faith is released from the mouth.

Faith in the heart, that’s released through the mouth, can move mountains.

Bobby Miller, Sr.

I Am The Gift

Prayed that the LORD would teach through me, and impart into the students what He knows they have need of.

He alone knows them intimately.

Pray the LORD will save, sanctify and fill with the Holy Spirit. And that He set direction and purpose.