Unusual Gift of Praise!

Gift of Praise!


Does many things.

Gives Joy and Hope.

When one sees you in operation in the Spirit,

they will understand the Joy and the Peace

I have given you.



2 Samuel 24 –

If GOD be for you

it is more than the whole world against you.


if the whole world be for you


GOD be against you

it shall profit you nothing.

Just trust in the LORD to fight for you


to send the help you need

when you need it.

Stop looking to natural support


begin looking for supernatural help from GOD alone.

Your Light

Your light cannot be hidden behind closed doors but must shine forth to reach places of darkness that no light has reached before.

I have seen your works and your labor. I am ready now for a great increase.

I want you to stretch farther. To do more in My strength. My anointing. In My Wisdom. In My Glory. In My Love.

I want you to walk under a fresh outpouring of My Spirit.

I want to breathe on you, and give you the power to breathe on others a fresh move of My Spirit.

I want to anoint you to anoint others, that My anointing may destroy the yokes and keep them destroyed.

I desire to ignite you afresh that you may ignite others to go forth to labor in My harvest fields.

I want to flow through you to reach a people who have not known or experienced a fresh demonstration of My Love.

You are to become that expression by My Spirit.

white-love-flag-8001406.jpg (400×284)

My banner over you is Love. Now let’s begin to wave it and envelope it around My people.


This is the day of salvation!


  • Gather Today!
  • Restore Today!
  • Encourage Today!
  • Live Today!
  • Seek Me Today!
  • Trust Me Today!
  • Sanctify My name Today!
  • Do everything Today!

Now, while it is called Today!

  • Let’s move forward.
  • Let’s increase.
  • Let’s grow.
  • Let’s multiply.
  • Let’s build.
  • Let’s restore.
  • Let’s go on Today.
  • Let’s walk it out together.

You in Me and Me in you, flowing as one in the Spirit. Setting an example for those to follow of freedom and joy and love in the Spirit.

It’s not too late. It’s just the beginning of new and better things to come.

Let’s do it together!

Let’s go forward in power, in might, in love and in faith, to bring refreshing to My people.


Let’s Move

Walk by faith. Continue in my Word, steadfast and unmovable.

For I have seasoned you to be salty and full of flavor, to attract the hurting and hungry unto you that you may feed them with true bread.

Continue to seek My face for understanding and guidance. I will continue to instruct you and lead you to higher heights and deeper places in Me.

There is much to be done, but I have prepared you to move quickly that you may gather much fruit unto Me.

Walk in obedience. Remain faithful to the call.

Seek not the good things of this world, but rather seek Me and all good things will be given to you for the fulfilling of My plans and purposes.

Be diligent. Be compassionate. Be honest.

Speak the truth at all times in love from a sincere and undefiled heart.

Hearken to My voice and continually practice My presence.

Don’t become lazy or idle, but remain active and sprite. Be renewed in your strength as you wait on Me in praise and worship. Be thankful.

Be full of concern for the needs of others. Begin to lay in store things that others need that you will have on hand to distribute at a moment’s notice.

Be actively involved in the lives of My people, for you need each other to grow to fullness and completion.

Don’t isolate yourselves, but begin to reach out and share yourselves with other women. Forget the faces and begin to feel the heart’s cry. Feel the hurts, the wounds and the scars of the heart.

Minister life into My people. Speak life and wholeness into them.

Guide your affairs with wisdom that you will not be a reproach to the name of Christ.

Submit yourselves one to the other and be humble, not seeking to wrestle authority, but rather preferring to be servant of all.

Don’t look back, but go forward. For the harvest is before you, not behind you.



I am here by the grace of the LORD. And I thank Him for allowing me this time alone with Him.

What do you do when you come into the presence of the lord and you don’t know what to say? You know there are things you would like to say, but you want to do it right.

Or you feel you need to get the things done that’s in your heart, but you don’t know how to do it?

I find just keep coming, and the LORD will come through for you.

This morning is one of those mornings.

So here am I. My heart is overwhelmed with things and stuff that I don’t know how to handle.

So here I am just waiting to see what the LORD will do for me. He knows what’s best for me.

He says, “My ways are not your ways.”

I feel like my heart is crying because you can’t fix it. Only GOD can fix it.

And you have to realize it is the working of the Holy Spirit that can help you.

So here I am waiting in the presence of the LORD and just believing He will and can work it out for me.

I thank Him for allowing me this time with Him.

I hope and pray and wait, that I get all that He wants to get out of me at this time.

Minister Bobby Lee Miller, Sr.