Your Light

Your light cannot be hidden behind closed doors, but must shine forth to reach places of darkness that no light has reached before.

I have seen your works and your labor. I am ready now for a great increase.

I want you to stretch farther. To do more in My strength. In My anointing. In My Wisdom. In My Glory. In My Love.

I want you to walk under a fresh outpouring of My Spirit.

I want to breathe on you, and give you the power to breathe on others a fresh move of My Spirit.

I want to anoint you to anoint others, that My anointing may destroy the yokes and keep them destroyed.

I desire to ignite you afresh that you may ignite others to go forth to labor in My harvest fields.

I want to flow through you to reach a people who have not known or experienced a fresh demonstration of My Love.

You are to become that expression by My Spirit.

white-love-flag-8001406.jpg (400Ă—284)

My banner over you is Love. Now let’s begin to wave it and envelope it around My people.


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