A Beautiful Day

Lord Jesus 

Thank You

for allowing me to see the beauty of another Day.


And to stop what I think I have to do

and reflect on Your mercies toward me.

And how You allow me this Day to

Thank You Lord.

Help me as I go through this Day

with people, places and things to do.

That my mind will be about doing

what You WANT me to do.

And to know that it is You Almighty GOD

that allow me this Time.

I pray that as I go through this Day

they will not see me but

The Christ that lives in me.

Thank you Lord for this Day!

Minister Bobbie Miller, Sr.


No pauses, No stops, No hesitations allowed.
No need to spell check or autocorrect,
Just flow.
Open the gates of your mind.

No erasers, No more corrections.
Let mess be mess and move on.

As your pen soon overtakes your thoughts,
You finally let your “deep” speak.

Stop looking back.
Don’t dot every “I”,
Don’t cross every “T”.

Life will go on without a correction
from me.

John R.A. Harper


enhanced-18771-1451928633-6.jpg (625×415)

What if you’re already great and you just don’t know it?

What if all of your failed plans are actually what made you a success?

What if the eyes that you use to view yourself are actually the ones that are skewed?

What if you are exactly who you need to be?

What if you have it all wrong?

What if you’re already on the right path but didn’t know it?

What if it isn’t supposed to look like you wanted?

How could you know what your life is supposed to look like if you haven’t lived it yet?

What if today is all of the future you needed?

And what if who you are already is who you want to be, and you just didn’t know it?

John R.A. Harper

“New Wine”

John 2:8-10 –

Jesus is the final revelation of GOD.

He has been sent to bring JOY and GLADNESS as He restores our relationship back to the Father.

Jesus is being poured out as a drink offering for the Salvation of many.

Receive Him TODAY and be gladdened!


My Choice

The way I choose to treat GOD has nothing to do with His response to me.

I choose to treat GOD good all the days of my life.

I choose to be kind and at peace with GOD all the days of my life.

I choose to submit and obey Him all the days of my life.

Whether He tests me or not is His decision.

Color Me

Color me sad when I cannot find my way;

Color me happy when the sun brightens up my day.

Color me stubborn when I know that I am right;

Color me strong when I have to stand and fight.

Color me courageous when there’s hard work to do;

Color me humble, because I bow to you.

Color me natural, because I like simple things;

Color me hopeful, because my heart can sing.

Color me intelligent, because I am a man;

Color me wise, because God is holding my hand.

Color me all of these and maybe you will see,

That someday these are the colors all mankind will be.

C. F. Poe


The thing about your eyes is that they cannot lie.

For what lies behind them is your soul.

So I stare into them as If peeping into a window,

To see you bare,


And unknowingly unashamed.

So much is held in your eyes;

Pain, pleasure, sorrow, joy

And loss.

By holding your gaze

I feel I hold all of the intricacies of who you are.

So I love your eyes because they show me how to better love you.

John R.A.Harper