I Remember Water

I remember water.

How could I forget it?

I remember drowning in a pool as a child.

It scared me, it scarred me.

Water is the enemy.

I saw myself submerged in the water.

I saw myself struggle to swim,

Struggle to get out,

Struggle to get free,

Struggle to breathe….

Then I saw nothing.

But I felt a strong hand grab hold of me.

It yanked me from my water-filled coffin.

I remember seeing the face of the owner of this hand.

It was my reflection,

Or perhaps I was the reflection and he the original.

My father.

I coughed.




And coughed.

And gasped.

And coughed.

And gasped.

To the same rhythm that I had when I was pulled from my first liquid-filled chamber.

My mother.

I wonder if her body shivered as the soul of her child began to leave this world,

the same way it shivered when she first discovered another soul forming in her body.

I remember water,

How could I forget it?

water_splash_by_bipolargenius.jpg (2592×1944)

I was born from water

Bathed in water

Filled with water

Killed by water.

John R.A. Harper




I use this pen as my syringe
To inject words into my veins.
They flow through me,
Touching head and heart.

They cure the disease called loneliness,
Or at least abate it.

What spills onto the page are but the oozing
Remnants of what my soul could not contain.

On these pages I plaster my life,
my style, my knowns,
And my unknown unknowns.

I give to these lines
what my consciousness could not handle.

Through this pen I have a voice to
Speak my truths.

Through this pen I give language to that
Which can only scream within me.

John R.A. Harper


What word will come out?
What message will this send?

Will it rhyme?
Will it be long?

How can I write with nothing in mind?
Perhaps in the act of doing, I will find reason.

John R.A. Harper


No pauses, No stops, No hesitations allowed.
No need to spell check or autocorrect,
Just flow.
Open the gates of your mind.

No erasers, No more corrections.
Let mess be mess and move on.

As your pen soon overtakes your thoughts,
You finally let your “deep” speak.

Stop looking back.
Don’t dot every “I”,
Don’t cross every “T”.

Life will go on without a correction
from me.

John R.A. Harper


Why do I fear man?
Why do I let that fear silence the Gospel?

OH GOD, give me the courage and strength to boldly declare your Good News.
Give me the Love to conquer and drive out this fear.

Burn within me, oh Spirit of the Living GOD.
Cry out, oh my soul, the Good News of the LORD!

Free them of their bondage.
Give them the News of new Life,
Eternal Life, found in Christ.

John R.A. Harper


enhanced-18771-1451928633-6.jpg (625×415)

What if you’re already great and you just don’t know it?

What if all of your failed plans are actually what made you a success?

What if the eyes that you use to view yourself are actually the ones that are skewed?

What if you are exactly who you need to be?

What if you have it all wrong?

What if you’re already on the right path but didn’t know it?

What if it isn’t supposed to look like you wanted?

How could you know what your life is supposed to look like if you haven’t lived it yet?

What if today is all of the future you needed?

And what if who you are already is who you want to be, and you just didn’t know it?

John R.A. Harper