I Remember Water

I remember water.

How could I forget it?

I remember drowning in a pool as a child.

It scared me, it scarred me.

Water is the enemy.

I saw myself submerged in the water.

I saw myself struggle to swim,

Struggle to get out,

Struggle to get free,

Struggle to breathe….

Then I saw nothing.

But I felt a strong hand grab hold of me.

It yanked me from my water-filled coffin.

I remember seeing the face of the owner of this hand.

It was my reflection,

Or perhaps I was the reflection and he the original.

My father.

I coughed.




And coughed.

And gasped.

And coughed.

And gasped.

To the same rhythm that I had when I was pulled from my first liquid-filled chamber.

My mother.

I wonder if her body shivered as the soul of her child began to leave this world,

the same way it shivered when she first discovered another soul forming in her body.

I remember water,

How could I forget it?

water_splash_by_bipolargenius.jpg (2592×1944)

I was born from water

Bathed in water

Filled with water

Killed by water.

John R.A. Harper



Color Me

Color me sad when I cannot find my way;

Color me happy when the sun brightens up my day.

Color me stubborn when I know that I am right;

Color me strong when I have to stand and fight.

Color me courageous when there’s hard work to do;

Color me humble, because I bow to you.

Color me natural, because I like simple things;

Color me hopeful, because my heart can sing.

Color me intelligent, because I am a man;

Color me wise, because God is holding my hand.

Color me all of these and maybe you will see,

That someday these are the colors all mankind will be.

C. F. Poe


Help me to desire you beyond the surface.

Radiate, from within.

Help me to see you as who you want to be.

Show me more than your insecurities.

Help me to understand your silences.

Speak from your heart.

Help me to know how best to love you,

Because that’s what I most want to do.

John R.A. Harper


You make me feel uncomfortable.

It’s because I didn’t have to convince you I was worthy of your love;

You decided that.

Because of you, I can no longer control who love me.

You disregarded my walls and defenses,

You invited yourself into the castle of my heart.

You became a conqueror

And set your eyes upon me.

You said I need not tempt or entice.

You will take me

Because that is what you desire.

You have robbed me of my norms.

You have pillaged me of my comfort.

Thank you.

John R.A. Harper


It takes a lot of modesty to be honest.

I am telling you that you are important enough to know me.

I must kill the pride that says you only deserve my lies.

Honesty leaves me nude before you.

In my transparency

You can see right through me

To the pain and fears that I tried to keep hidden behind me.

It means I consider you more important than my ego,

Because honesty destroys the image we create for ourselves.

I will always be honest,

It allows me to be free of the weight of a false persona.

Written by John R.A. Harper

Til the End

I am the all knowing, all seeing Creator.  I made you and fashioned you in your mother’s womb that you might know me, the true and the living GOD.  I will reveal myself to you and show you things to come. Continue to trust in me and hold fast to my unchanging hand.  I have much to reveal to you.  Keep your eyes on me and only believe.  I am with you til the end of the age.

(Read John 1:1-3)