Hello World!

I started this blog because there is a generation of young people who need to be inspired and I want the LORD to use me to be one of those voices that speak into their lives.

Through this blog, I will be sharing what the Holy Spirit has spoken to me through prayer or by using family and friends over the years, along with any fresh words of inspiration that He releases.

This blog will also act as an intermediate bible study, written for those able to hold own bottle, but lack ability to fully apply the Word studied for nutritional value to the soul. The goal is to spit up the word that became sour and bitter in the belly because of the inability to digest it – or apply it to life. Then, to refill belly with the Word in digestible stages – burping along the way – making practical application of the Word taught.

I was introduced to the world of blogging through a fellow WordPress blogger at a FredXchange Open Coffee. After prayer, the thought came that I could save the buckets of writings for my children to go through once I have died or I could start a blog.  I decided to get on board!

Harper Children
                                              Gianne – Andrew – John – Aaron Harper

May the LORD use The Oil of Joy at https://inspirecenter.wordpress.com to fulfill its purpose.

Joy! Janice Harper